Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm still running. Updates and stuff.

Figured I should go ahead and give this a quick update since it has been months and all.
Though I have not said much on here, that doesn't by any means mean my running too has come to a halt. Still going strong every day.
Weekly: Currently logging 30-40 miles a week. Six has become a regular for me. Which is so funny, because a year ago I never thought I could go that far. I could count on two fingers the number of runs that I did that were greater than five miles. And now, well, I can do 16 (though, the only day that I did that was the day of the Riverbank Run)...
Long Run: For me, a long run is 8+ miles. Usually when I do one, I do 10. Takes a little over an hour. I think that I almost take for granted the fact that I can run. Meaning, apparently not everyone can run that far. Or, more like will run that far (for I am on the Steve Sears belief that anyone can run).
Pace: For short runs, I can manage roughly 6:32s, for long runs I do 7:50-8:00, and for my mid runs (6 miles or so) I do 7:00-7:40 (depending on if it's a press hard sort of day, or a rest day).
Post Race Thoughts: Now that those large races which I did this past spring are run and done, I have come to the conclusion that distance running is primarily mental. I never thought I could go that distance. In fact, I was set on not doing that. But then I decided to do it, and I did. And since then, I feel i've grown a greater respect for myself, and also built a greater confidence. And it's fun to have something to feel good about. Like, I see my race bib from Gazelle Girl Half on my wall, and I can't help but smile.
Coming Soon: Anyway, very soon my distance will be shortened because i'll be running for Davenport. And ohmygosh, i'm so entirely excited for that.
Next Race: Anyway, next race is Saturday. Just a 5k. We'll see how it goes. Honestly, unsure what to expect, for I still have been doing far more long distance than short. But i've also been better at pushing myself. And need to re-learn how to run short and fast so yeah...

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