My story

I like running.

Okay, I love running.
I ran my first 5k when I was 14-years-old. I didn't train for it, I just did it, and did pretty decent; getting 2nd place in my age division (picture to the right is me with my prize). Given, it was a small race. But it still gave me the drive to race more. And I figured that since I did "well" I could keep just running without training. Wrong. I mean I could do that, and did for a long time, but the result was awfully.

So yeah, I ran various races over the past few years (thirty to be exact). But I didn't actually start running, training, training pushing myself until February of 2012. Since then, running has just become a normal part of my everyday life.
I always said I was never going to do a greater distance race. I mean come on, who would want to run for over an hour? It, seemingly, would get so boring. I honestly hated my 4-mile races (in hindsight, kind of funny. What was so awful about that extra .9 miles?) 
Well, I have since changed my mind. One day in October of 2013, I was like "Hmm, I think i'll run a half marathon." And by the new year, I had signed up. And April came, and I ran it. It is one of the best things I have ever done; my confidence level grew immensely from it.

A month after my half, I decided to go ahead and run the Riverbank Run too. Because after all, I was trained to that point and I didn't know if I would ever be there again. And it was only just over two miles more.

Where am I now? Well, I've become something I would have never guessed to be: a distance runner. And not only that, but a colligate athlete. Back tracking to October of 2013, I ran a road race and an upperclass guy at my college saw me compete, and asked who I ran for. I told him no one, and he asked to refer me to the coach. The next week, I met with said coach, but the idea of running for the school didn't really interest me. It sounded intense (note that at this point I was going a mere three miles a day), and I didn't yet have my drivers license. Therefor, it sounded busy and complicated. Well, fast forward to training for my half. During this time, the idea of running at school sounded kind of fun. I saw the team running on the track, and wanted to be a part of it. Also, my running confidence was growing (because I was conquering more and more miles). By summer of 2014, I had made my decision to run the coming fall.
Clearly, my entrance to the college sports scene is anything but traditional, but I think that aspect of it makes the whole thing kind of cool. I wasn't recruited out of high school. I just was a runner.
I am now under the training of an amazing coach as I run cross country and Track (distance events) for Davenport University. I have a great team whom I'm proud to work with, and I'm doing yet another thing I never thought possible.

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