Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The adventures of Brenna: The runner.

I run daily. Sometimes my runs are dull. Sometimes my runs are normal. But sometimes something out of the ordinary happens. This was one of those times. 

I was running in town (as opposed to at home). I was on a trail, and saw some cross the path about 1/4 a mile ahead of me from a parking lot to a neighborhood. When I reached the point they had passed in front of me, I saw them in the driveway of a house near the trail. It was about four guys, the age being younger than 40. Maybe in 30s. Maybe in 20s. Couldn't say for sure, because I didn't want to stare. 

Though, I did see them watch me as I passed. I then turned off of the trail onto the road (or more accurately, the side walk on next to the road). I didn't go 50 yards, when I hear noises behind me. It was the guys. I began to get paranoid, thinking they were following me. And I think they were (though I wasn't at all scared, because there was a constant flow of cars passing). I turned a corner. They did too. But I ran faster. So they never caught me. And then I crossed the road. I lost them. 

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