Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I never really thought it would happen to me. Or so quickly, anyway.
I haven't run in thirteen days. That's the longest period of time I have ever gone without running in the past five years. I have been a runner for a long time now; before I even ran competitively as I do now, it has just been something in my life for a very long time. But now I can't.
Injury, as word has it. I've run through pain before, a nasty pair of double shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and additional aches and pains that comes and go in the life of a runner. That being said, I can run through pain and hurt. But not this.
It came on near a month ago now, starting as small pain beneath my knee while I run, but growing into massive pain I can't even describe. It's to the point now where I am all limpy gimpy while even walking, and going up/down stairs is a nightmare. Well, not a nightmare, but it just takes a really long time because I have to do them one step at a time on my good leg, because the pressure it puts on my other leg is too extreme.

Because of all of this, I missed the first track meet, and will most likely be missing the second as well. But the good news is that I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow, and so I will hopefully be getting some answers. Because not only is it screwing over my collegiate race career, its interfering with my daily activities.

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