Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I'm back!

Lots of things in life take time and effort. Work. School. Running. Relationships. Blogging. And because the first four items are higher on my list of priorities, the whole blogging part has fallen to the bottom. Which is okay. But with a new year, and track season approaching, I figured I would try to get back on documenting my running career.

I haven't by any means stopped running since February 26. But I'm also by no means in the mood to type a long recap as to what has gone on the past ten months. So here is a brief recap instead:

  • Lots of running. Lots of miles. During the first half of the summer I was going roughly 70 miles a week. It decreased after my trip to Haiti, which was okay with the approaching cross country season. 
  • I can say that I have gone for a run in Haiti. That was cool. Given, it was in the compound I was staying at, and therefor I just ran a mile loop over and over. But it's still a great memory. 
  • During outdoor track season, I broke 19 minutes! I ended the season with a time of 18:48.
  • I ran the Riverbank 25k, and made the 2-hour club! I ended with a finishing time of 1:51:28
  • I had a crappy cross country season. Which is okay. Or so I tell myself, because saying it's not okay is not going to change anything at all. 

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