Friday, March 14, 2014

Pre-race Jitters.

So tomorrow is another race. I think my 21st. It's the Irish Jig, a race I have competed in the past three years or so. It's a rather large race of over 4000 people. At any rate, I get nervous the night before a race, even now. I don't completely understand why, but I do. It's like, I dread it and am completely excited for it both at the same time. I think I may get more nervous than I used to. Scratch that, I know that I get more nervous than I used to. This is due to the fact that I no longer run just to get a t-shirt. I actually run in competition. Not necessarily against others (though it is fun when I place high in my age group), but against myself. I have a drive to make personal records. And so I get nervous and almost hold back as a result. At any rate, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

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