Sunday, March 23, 2014

Opinion #1: Indoors vs. Outdoors

Ever since I began running, I have been a complete, hardcore, outdoor runner. But that's because I had no other option. That is, until this year.
Now that I'm in college, I have the option to run on the indoor track or a treadmill.
And my, have I taken advantage of the option. Honestly, it's been nice to have this available on the crazy freezing/snow days that have taken place this past winter (as in days where it's -30˚ windchill, and it's not even safe to run outside).

Well, now that I have the whole background out of the way, here's my opinion:
I like outdoor running so much more than indoor.

  • I also feel that it's better training. I run mostly at home, and so with that I get a variety of conditions to train through. That is, the roads at home are dirt, it's all hills (always going either up or down), because it's on higher ground there is always strong winds present. Also, running no matter the weather; rain, snow, 90˚+, 45mph winds... And so yeah, if one only runs inside, they're not half as used/their body isn't trained to run in the multitude of conditions that persist outside.
  • It's hot running inside. I mean, in the summer it's hot outside. But at least it doesn't smell.
  • It smells inside.
  • There's not much to look at inside.
  • There's so much beauty outside. I've seen so many amazing things in my outdoor runs; nature and such. One time I caught a snake. Another time a turtle.... Yeah, it's just cool.

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